Constant Contact vs Mailchimp: Which Is Right For You?

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp Which Is Right For You

There are truly a lot of different email marketing services out there. All of those services have overlapping features, similar designs, and sometimes even identical pricing. It can be hard to pick out one of these services as the right one for you because of the similarities.

Among all of these options, two services stand out above the rest. That leaves you with your final decision: Constant Contact vs MailChimp.

Both of these options are excellent choices since they have a lot of fantastic features, good quality, and design options. That being said, one of them is better for you than the other. Let’s find that software together!

MailChimp Overview and Features

MailChimp Overview and Features

First up in the battle of Constant Contact vs MailChimp, we’ll take a look at MailChimp; what it is and what features it is most known for today.


If you were to ask somebody what email marketing software they use, there is a very high chance that they would say MailChimp. This is one of the most widely used and known marketing software options, and there are a lot of good reasons for that.

MailChimp offers free membership up to a certain number of users and emails, and this limit is very forgiving when compared to other websites. Additionally, it is straightforward to set up your profile and get to working on your first email ASAP because of the useful dashboard, templates, analytics, and more.

MailChimp is the leading choice for those who want to run automated email campaigns that will help grow their business, especially if you are looking for a service that is free at first.


MailChimp has many different features, and some of these have limitations at the free level. Nonetheless, most are able to be used in their entirety. For features that are restricted to priced-plans, there are usually more basic variations that you can use instead.

These are some of the most prominent features that you can find on MailChimp:

  • Automation: It is a comprehensive autoresponder available to send out personal updates and cart responses. Likewise, it is very advanced.
  • Deliverability: MailChimp advertises a deliverability rate of between 96 and 98 percent because they check emails for spam-content before sending.
  • Registration forms: Customizable forms, opt-in messages, and more features are all available on this essential screen.
  • A/B testing: With MailChimp, it is possible to send out three variations of the same email to different segments of your mailing list.
  • Reporting: MailChimp shows you very detailed statistics about your emails.
  • Design: Thousands of customizable templates are available; flexible layout options can easily be changed.
  • Pricing: Free up to 2,000 subscribers; next level plan costs at least $10, while the top-tier costs at least $199

Constant Contact Overview and Features


Constant Contact is not as widely used as MailChimp, but its popularity has been skyrocketing in recent years. Unlike MailChimp, it is not a free service at any point, but you can set up a one month trial without paying and giving any payment information. During that month, you can test out all of Constant Contact’s features and services!

While there are not as many templates available on Constant Contact as MailChimp, it’s still a great option since it has many sleek designs. You can set up targeted emails, upload contacts a few different ways, personalize your emails, and still use a wide variety of features.

Constant Contact Overview and Features


Constant Contact does not have as many features as MailChimp. Depending on your needs, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! While it doesn’t have as many features, the features that it does have are powerful and capable for the right parties.

These are some of the most prominent features that you can find on Constant Contact:

  • Automation: This has limited automation capabilities, but it is possible to set up autoresponders and send out answers.
  • Deliverability: It has a 98 percent deliverability rate thanks to their in-house spam detection software.
  • Registration forms: Customizable registration pages, but limited in how much editing is available. You can also set up a QR code.
  • A/B testing: No built-in testing available
  • Reporting: Includes many of the same basic reporting information as MailChimp does
  • Design: Has more templates than MailChimp but less design customization options; stock images available
  • Pricing: Either plan starts at $20 or $45 per month depending on level and goes up with the number of features that you add or unlock

Which Is the Winner?

There you have it! Those are the more interesting and vital features from both Constant Contact and MailChimp! As you can see, there are some overlaps between the two sites, and you will find a lot of standard features because of the current popularity of email marketing.

If we had to choose a winner between the two, we would select MailChimp as the better choice for most businesses whether they be small, growing, or larger, established ones. Ultimately, though, the final choice about which of these two unique marketing software options is best is up to you and your needs.

Once you decide what your goals are with the marketing campaigns that you want to run, lay out the ways that the features from each company could help you and how they would not. You’ll be able to make a decision once you do that.

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