Drip Campaign Examples

Drip Campaign Examples

If you have never heard of a drip campaign before, you will want to look into it. A drip campaign is a highly personalized and automated way to engage in effective email marketing to clients, potential customers, and potential consumers. As you might know, it is all about sending the right info and offers to the right people, at the right times.

A drip campaign allows you to quickly, effectively, and efficiently contact consumers with offers, promotions, new deals, sales, and everything in between, with the end goal of getting more clicks, leads, and ultimately sales. You might be wondering what exactly a drip campaign is, or more important, what shape it can take. In this article, we will discuss drip campaign examples so you can have a clearer idea of what this type of email marketing is about.

Action Completion Drips

Action Completion Drips

One thing which Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, does very well, is to realize when people get distracted and don’t complete a purchase. For instance, if you add something to your Amazon cart, whatever it may be, whether a book or dog toy, Amazon will send you an email saying something like “we noticed you added the woofer dog toy to your cart, but did not complete your checkout.”

It might annoy some people, but the fact of the matter is that you may have gotten distracted in between buying the dog toy and looking at something else. If you already added said item to your cart, but didn’t complete checkout, chances are that you are seriously interested in said item, and would have probably bought it were it not for all of the awesome eReaders you were distracted by.

It’s a great example of a drip campaign, mainly a very simple one with the intent of reminding you to complete your purchase. Plus, Amazon will always jam in some promotional content in these reminder emails, thus effectively targeting two birds with one stone. This could also take the form of an email notifying you of similar or related products. It’s all about responding to the specific actions of customers with follow-ups that will keep them engaged, and hopefully keep them buying more.

The Similar Options Drip: If One Thing Doesn’t Work For You, Maybe This Will

Another great drip campaign example is the “if this option you looked at doesn’t float your boat, maybe this one will” drip campaign. It’s something which many top online retailers, competitors, and service providers engage in.

One of the most famous examples here is from Airbnb. For example, if you go to the Airbnb site to look at various accommodations, if you did not book a location, you will get an email from Airbnb. The follow up email will usually contain other listings for accommodations in the same area and for relatively the same price. The reason for this is because a certain accommodation you looked at may not have suited you for one specific reason, but chances are that you are still looking for something similar.

In essence, Airbnb and other such providers take it upon themselves to email you alternatives that are similar to other options you have looked at. It makes life easier for whoever is searching for Airbnb accommodations, and it increases the chances of a customer making a booking. It’s a win-win situation and it’s a great example of a specific type of email that a retailer or service provider can send out through a drip campaign.

The Customer Retention Drip

Finding a specific example of this is not really needed, as every online retailer and service provider will use customer retention drips to their advantage. If you are a member, subscriber, or regular customer of any kind of retailer, then all is well. However, when you stop visiting the website in question, and especially if you stop purchasing from a specific retailer, it sends a red flag to that business.

After all, repeat business is a really big deal, as it is easier to retain customers than to find new ones. Therefore, whether it is Amazon, eBay, a home improvement website, or a fitness products retailer, when they notice that you haven’t visited their site and purchased something in a while, they will send you an email. These emails will usually contain specific products or product categories which you previously have been interested in, plus new promotional items.

The Customer Retention Drip

The point of the customer retention drip is to get you back into the fold and to keep you interested. It’s all about reminding old customers that the website and products in question still exist, that there are always new and great deals, and that the retailer in question is still the prime place to shop at for whatever reason. Customer retention is a really big deal and it is something that all major businesses engage in.


The bottom line is that there are lots of different examples of drip campaigns. We didn’t really talk about full major campaigns from retailers, but then again, there are many types of drip campaigns to look into, each one with its own benefits and purposes.

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