Email Marketing Campaign Tips

Email Marketing Campaign Tips

It’s no secret: To get your business to reach more consumers you need to put effective marketing strategies in place. And one popular method trusted by businesses all over is running an email marketing campaign. The fact that it’s a relatively cheaper and faster way of reaching the target audience is probably why it’s widely used.

But get this: This isn’t an entirely new concept. In fact the first email marketing blast was sent in 1978. Yes—that long ago.

Here a business basically sends a commercial message typically to a group of people. But if you’re not careful your email might be perceived as just another “spam” message.

That’s why we’re here to give you a few pointers so you hopefully get it right.

6 Tips to Running an Effective Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

There’s no doubt that the whole point of this exercise is to engage potential customers with hopes of getting them to show interest in whatever your business is offering. This is the main reason why you need an effective marketing campaign strategy in place or risk your message winding up in the “trash” section of their email dashboard.

Set Clear Goals

Set Clear Goals

A successful email marketing campaign starts with setting concise and clear goals. What exactly do you want to achieve as a business? Is it new leads or simply sharing information? Below are a few examples:

Raise awareness

Maybe you’re new in the industry and simply want to build relationships. Here you basically take the opportunity to welcome your new subscribers and tell them about your business.

Boosting engagement

As we mentioned earlier an effective email marketing campaign seeks to engage with the target audience. A good idea will be to promote a webinar.

Strengthen relationships

Maybe your goal is to simply nurture your subscribers by giving them content that adds value, not necessarily trying to sell them something.

Re-engaging subscribers

You may have noticed that a couple of subscribers haven’t been very active so your goal is to reconnect with them.

Market segmentation

To effectively get your message across you need to ensure you’re communicating with the right audience. This means your aim here is to segment your subscribers so you can send more targeted emails.

Send the Correct Email Type

Once you’ve set clear goals it’s a wise idea to understand the different email types that you can send. That’s the only way you can establish which type of email will convey your message better. Here are the three common types.

Promotional emails

These specifically talk about offers and sales. Here you’ll be advertising a particular service or product.

Relational emails

As a business you often promise your subscribers a number of things from gifts to information regarding new products. These are what you call relational emails where you make good on your promises for instance by giving them the promised gifts or weekly newsletters.

Transactional emails

These include anything from welcome messages to subscriber sign up or order confirmations. Transactional emails are usually triggered by the actions of your subscribers and relate to actions they’ve undertaken on your website.

Know Your Audience

The next tip is to know exactly who you’re dealing with. Are they teens or the elderly? Only then can you send emails that the intended target audience can relate to.

The internet is a quick and easy place to get this type of information. You can gather this information from plug-ins such as Google Analytics or from your social media platforms. These sources usually have data regarding the following:

Know Your Audience


Here you get information regarding age, gender or race.


It’s important to know where your audience is located so you know if you’re going to include shipping costs in your prices.


What your target audience enjoys doing can be pretty useful. That way you know if your service will meet their needs or not.

Make the Subheading Interesting

The headline will determine whether your subscribers will click the email open or ignore it. Make it interesting and catchy to grab attention & spark curiosity. Also remember—the shorter it is, the better. Try and place the most important parts at the beginning just in case people are viewing on their mobile phones. Also incorporate the following:

  • Avoid spam trigger words
  • Add personalization; you’ll be surprised how adding someone’s name as part of the heading will quickly engage him or her
  • Including words that imply sensitivity such as urgent, important and alert are known to increase the chances of subscribers opening the email

Focus on Design

Put extra effort in your email design as it’ll reflect positively—or negatively—on your brand. Add a few images so you can grab attention. And by all means avoid hiding important information behind links; make information readily accessible.

Final Words

Don’t just send out emails; make a follow up. That’s the only way you can retain the interest of your subscribers. Either that or you risk losing a few subscribers, especially with the mass of competition out there and people being bombarded with emails from everyone. Hopefully with the above information you’ll have a winning email marketing campaign which yields results so you become the market leader.

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