Email Marketing Examples

EMarketing Examples

Your email inbox is most likely the same as everybody else’s – full of automated irrelevant mail coming from all over the place. Most of them you will ignore or consign to the trash folder sooner or later, but some of them you actually read before they get sealed with the same fate.

That’s why getting a useful informational message makes such an impact these days. Yes, that message is most likely also automated, but it has elements that separate it from the bunch.

Those elements make for a successful email marketing, and today’s article will show you how some of the most well-known companies use email marketing for promoting their brand and staying on top.

Before we dig into the email marketing examples, let’s see what actually makes them stand out.

What Makes a Good Email Marketing Campaign

What Makes a Good Email Marketing Campaign?

So, what makes you read an email from top to bottom?

The key attribute that can describe almost all good email marketing campaigns is that all the emails are carefully and cleverly written. They are designed to catch your attention and make you interested in the content.

Also, those emails are written specifically for you. To be more specific, they are written for the target group that you belong to.

With that being said, catchy automated emails have a template that you can follow.


As mentioned, these emails have a personal touch. That’s how companies get you hooked.

Most of them use tracking (like website cookies, etc.) to check your activity on their website or applications in order to figure out your profile. The more you use their website and apps, the more information they are getting.

That’s probably why the emails that you receive tend to become more and more personalized with time.

When personalization is done correctly, the company is most likely going to get a new regular client as it is offering exactly what a client needs.

This makes the content of these emails relevant and alluring. For some people, they might even seem like they aren't automated.

For example, a good way to personalize the email is to put the name of the recipient at the beginning instead of the usual “Dear Madam/Sir.”


CTA or call-to-action is a feature in most successful automated emails.

The CTA must be meaningful and fit the context of the email. After all, why would you read something that doesn’t have a good point to it?

Email Marketing Examples

Now that you know a thing or two about email marketing, it is time to see how the pros do it. You can use these email marketing examples to improve your skills.


BuzzFeed is excellent at catchy and short preview phrases that will make you want to open that email and check what it’s all about. As a matter of fact, they got so good at email marketing that it became one of their top traffic sources.

Another thing that makes their emails so irresistible is that their preview text matches the subject. What that means is that they usually give the answer to the subject (or a glimpse at the answer) right in the preview text. This eliminates any doubt about whether the email's content is fluff or actually informational.

Email Marketing Examples


What makes Uber’s emails stand out from the bunch is their simplicity. Nobody wants to read chunks of email text no matter how well written. Uber made sure to deliver the information in a fun, easy-to-read way so that people can go through the emails without wasting their time. The emails are short, concise and to the point. On top of that, they always contain a clear CTA. If some people need some more information, their emails also include links that they can follow.


Headspace is a meditation app that provides tips and guides on the matter. Their email marketing is quite appealing, which you can always tell by its design. The emails consist of witty pictures followed by a short engaging text.


Sometimes less is more! That is certainly the case with Airbnb. Each email you receive from Airbnb looks appealing as they always use fresh colors and keep things very simple. You won't have to worry about getting carried away looking at all the pictures that the email contains, as it most likely won't have any. Although their emails are done in a minimalist fashion, they are very engaging as they don’t waste any time and jump straight to the point.


Sweetgreen is a salad company that promotes its products through well-designed emails. One glimpse at their emails and you will realize why their design is so outstanding. Under every picture of their salads, there's a short yet tasty text that will make you hungry in no time.


Last but not least, there’s Aesop. Aesop uses beautiful illustrations and high-quality pictures that will make you want to browse their products and look for more. They explain who they are and how their products are made in just a few lines. Everything else you can find out on their website.


What all of these outstanding email marketing examples have in common, besides the elements stated at the beginning of the article, is an appealing design. People are visual creatures, so use that to grab their attention and promote your product.

Remember, with good email marketing, your company will stand out as serious and trustworthy, which will only attract more clients.

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