How Much To Charge For Email Marketing

How Much To Charge For Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the newest and yes, one of the best ways to engage in marketing in this day and age. When it comes down to it, everybody has phones and computers, well mostly everybody. You will be hard pressed to find anybody in the modern world who does not have an email address. Therefore, this makes email marketing a great way to engage in marketing for any business.

However, today we do not want to look at email marketing from a customer’s point of view, but from the point of view of somebody who does the marketing for other people. Are you considering getting into email marketing? If so, you might be wondering how much to charge for email marketing. Well, there are lots of factors to consider here, so let’s try to provide you with as much information as you need so you know how much to charge. Now, keep in mind that this does depend on how much you are doing in relation to the marketing campaign.

Graphic Design

Before we get started, you might also be interested to know that there are three main segments which you can charge money for in relation to any email marketing campaign. Here you will charge money for graphic design, content writing, and email management. These can come together to put a whole lot of money in your pocket, so let’s talk about each of them in some detail right now. 

Graphic Design

One of the things which the vast majority of customers who hire somebody to create and manage an email marketing campaign will want is for you to do graphic design. Yes, this is very important for any email marketing campaign. Sure, words are important, but so are visuals. The way in which an email is laid out, the theme it has, coloration, and of course graphics, all fall into this category.

People want their marketing emails to look flashy, to catch the eye of all who see them, and to really stand out. This also includes layout, font choice, buttons, and other such aspects. When it comes down to it, your average graphic designer for this kind of service is going to charge anywhere from $69 to $75 per hour.

Now, some will charge based on a whole project, and depending on the amount of hours and the complexity of the project in question, this could be anywhere up to $200 or even $300 per email, just for the graphics alone. This should give you a rough idea of what you can and cannot charge for the graphic design aspect of things. 

The Content

The heart or the meat and potatoes of any newsletter or other kind of marketing email is the content itself. Yes, graphics and the layout are important as well, but without the right content, a good layout and flashy images are not going to go very far when it comes to generating and nurturing leads. In other words, there needs to be some kind of content calendar or content description.

The people whom you are creating the marketing email for need to provide you with a layout of the content to be included in the email of choice. Now, some will only give you a rough layout of the content, while others might provide you with a word for word description of the what the email should contain. Of course, the more that needs to be in the email, the more content there is, and the more you can charge.

Email Management

Now, how much you can charge here is also going to depend on your own writing skills. The better you are with grammar, vocabulary, and writing styles, the more you can charge. When it comes down to it, your average marketing email is going to cost anywhere from $99 to $149 per email. So, if it is a highly complex email and your skills as a writer are top notch, you could charge close to $150 per email. 

Email Management 

The other thing which you need to consider here when wondering how much you can charge for a marketing email is the management process after the emails have been sent. This will include things like testing images to see how they look when sent, testing links to ensure that they are not broken, examining how many people open the emails, how long they look at them for, and if they click on links within the email.

In other words, how are the emails performing, and what can be done to rectify various issues and improve the overall lead nurturing and customer turnaround process. Generally speaking, you can charge anywhere from $25 to $39 per hour, depending on the extent of your responsibilities. 


Ok, so let’s add everything up here. On the high end, you can charge up to $75 per hour for graphic design, $150 for content, and up to around $40 for email management. As you can see, having your own business focused around creating email campaigns for others can be extremely lucrative indeed.

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