How to Automate Emails on an App

How to Automate Emails on an App

Automated emails can be a useful tool when it comes to sharing information. They barely require any upkeep and they’re really easy to create. The bonus is that you can use them for almost anything from office memos to community newsletters. Most importantly they are a necessity if you want effective marketing.

Gmail, Outlook and other emailing platforms can be useful tools in creating automated emails but require plugins and coding to work efficiently. If you want a more dynamic email that’s easy to set up you might want to consider getting an app.

Does this sound like something your office needs? Here’s how to automate an email using two of the leading apps available today.



ActiveCampaign is built entirely around managing your email marketing. This means that it makes it really easy to set up an automated email. You can even keep track of:

  • How well your campaign is working
  • The effectiveness of your marketing strategies
  • Your customer data and sales

It does cost a bit of money, but it makes email marketing a breeze. Here’s how to setup an automated email using ActiveCampaign.

Step 1: Create an Automation

When you open your ActiveCampaign page there will be a tab labeled “Automations.” Click on this tab. From here you simply select the following options:

  • “New Automation”
  • “Start from Scratch”
  • “Continue”

Step 2: Select a Trigger

A trigger refers to an action that will result in your email being sent. This could be anything such as someone visiting your website for the first time or subscribing to your list. ActiveCampaign presents a variety of possible triggers. You can even create an automated email for every single one of them with these steps:

  • Pick your preferred trigger
  • Assign that trigger to a particular contact list
  • Decide whether it should be triggered once or multiple times
  • Click “Add Start” to activate your trigger

Step 3: Design Your Email

Once you’ve set up your trigger, you can now create your email. ActiveCampaign provides a variety of stunning templates that you can pick from in order to design an enthralling email. If you’d prefer to design your own, it even includes customizable options.

Design Your Email

To setup your email, select the following options:

  • “Add New Action”
  • “Send Email”
  • “Create an Email”
  • Decide on a name
  • Select either “Templates” or “Build from Scratch”
  • “Continue” once you’ve made your choice
  • Write your email so it’s unique to your brand
  • Click “Next”
  • Review your summary of your campaign
  • Select “Finished”

There you have it. Once you’ve followed these easy steps you’ve created your first automated email. You can change your emails and triggers as you become more attuned to the settings and eventually create your own exciting campaign.


MailChimp is as good as ActiveCampaign but has the added advantage of plotting out your entire campaign for you. It does this with automated responses it calls “workflows.” Each workflow is designed to maximize the potential of success for your emails.

Here are the steps on how easy it is to automate an email in MailChimp.

Step 1: Create an Automation

In a similar fashion to ActiveCampaign, the first step is to select “Automation Builder” and then choose one of the available triggers. If the triggers don’t suit your needs, MailChimp does give you the option to create your own one.

Once you’ve chosen your trigger, you can give your campaign a name. After this simply click “Begin.”

Step 2: Design Your Email

After selecting the appropriate title and triggers for your campaign, you must create your email. This not only involves writing your message but includes the scheduling specifications of the email as well. There are templates you can choose from if you want your email to look spectacular.

Here is also where you’ll choose your contacts for this specific campaign. You can decide whether you want to send individual messages or even blanket emails.

Step 3: Choose Your Workflow

This is where MailChimp deviates from ActiveCampaign. Before you’re done you must select a workflow. The one you select will be based on the objective of your campaign. MailChimp will set up a series of emails that will enhance the chance of your campaign being successful. Once you’ve edited and designed your workflow select “Start Sending.”

And that’s it. Your automated email is ready. Both apps make the entire process quick and easy and make it simpler to keep an eye on the progress of your campaign.

Final Thoughts

These two apps are by no means the be all end all of automated emailing programs. There are many out there that are as easy to use and may even be free. It’s a simple process that ensures results.

Automated emails are guaranteed to bring you success and boost your marketing performance. If you want your campaign to thrive, it’s a worthwhile option to consider. It will make your subscribers feel acknowledged and they’ll be more likely to support your business.

Remember to make your emails engaging and personal. This could be the key to your marketing success.

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