How To Create An Email Campaign

How To Create An Email Campaign

Do you want to create an email campaign for your business, but just don’t know how to go about it? Well, how to create an email campaign is exactly what we are going to teach you right here. 

What Is The Need For The Email?

The first thing that you need to do is notice that you need to send out an email. For example, if you see that people are visiting your website fairly often, you might want to send them a subscription form, or if you see that a customer is visiting one section of your site more than others, you might want to send promotions in relation to that section.

You might also have a one-time idea for a singular email. The point here is that you need to identify what kind of email to send, when to send it, and to whom. 

What Are The Requirements Of This Campaign?

Now you have to start putting the email together, especially in terms of the requirements. First off, before you get started, you want to create a goal for the specific email or campaign as a whole. What are you looking to achieve here? You also want to decide on a tone of voice and in which person the email is going to be talking in. You also need to decide what it will say in the “from” address and name, as well as what the subject line will say. In other words, you need to set clear goals and create an outline of the email. 

Draft An Email

Draft An Email 

Now that you have created an outline, stated the purpose of the email, and stated your goals, it is time to actually draft the email which is to be sent. First off, always stick to the point, avoid fluff, and get right to the meat and potatoes. People don’t have forever to read your email.

Next, you want to provide value to the people first. People want to know how they can benefit. They don’t want to see just another sales pitch. You want to ensure that the text is easily read just by scanning over it, and one of the most important things for people to see at a glance is your call to action. The call to action will move recipients one step closer to your goal. Try to make it personal, keep it short, find some good visuals, and make sure that your email functions to move people closer to the buying stage. 

Adding The Draft & Art To The Template

This may be a bit more difficult if you are not familiar with coding. If you are using a campaign service or a professional coder, this is easily done. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that your email needs to feature a responsive design which anybody can open and read on any device. There’s nothing worse than when a recipient cannot actually open the email. You are more than welcome to use a ready to go template here, as it will make life much easier. 

Set Up Tracking

The next thing to do here is to set up tracking for your emails. This is all a part of the analytics process. Your analytics service will gather a bunch of information when the email is opened, such as if it was opened, how long it was open for, and if people actually clicked on links within the email. These insights, information, and statistics are very important to gather, because you need to know how your emails are performing, and where and how they could be doing better. 

Testing The Email & Making Edits

Now you want to test the email. You can use an email testing service to make sure that the email still looks good once sent, as some email services can really mess with templates. You can also just do a test batch to some friends to ensure that the email is what you need and want. If there are any problems, you need to take note of them and correct them before you send to official recipients. 

Send The Email

Send The Email

Now the glorious moment has arrived, you can send the email to your recipients. On a side note, you might want to make a little checklist before you send the email that lists exactly what the email should look like and what content it needs to have. When the checklist is all good, you can send the email campaign. 

Using Data To Make Improvements 

The final step here is to take a look at the analytics, or in other words, the information provided to you in terms of how well your email worked. Was the subject line successful? Was the call to action successful? Which readers and how many are using mobile devices? You want to take a look at all possible information provided to you and make changes based on that information. Now you can rinse and repeat, keep optimizing, and keep sending out more emails throughout the campaign. 


There you have it folks, a step by step process on how to create a successful email campaign for your business.

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