How to Market a Product: Three Ways to Advertise Your Goods

How to Market a Product

You’ve done so much work on creating your new product. You started from conceptualizing it, testing it, and then producing it. It can feel like you’re at the end of a very long battle, but you are not finishing just yet: you still need to figure out how to market a product like yours.

In reality, marketing your product is about 80% of the battle. No matter how great something you create is, it won’t make a difference in the world if you don’t market it effectively.

Ways to Market Your Product

These three ways of marketing your product can help you get started the right way.

Host or Attend an Event

#1: Host or Attend an Event

When you have a product that has been developed in a very detailed way and is ready to go, you need to get it out to the people who might be interested in buying or using it as soon as possible. Getting a product stocked in stores isn’t always an easy thing to do, but you don’t need to rely on stores to do this.

You can either host or attend an event where you can market your product. If you decide to host an event, do your research.

Where can you hold the event? What type of customers should you invite to the event? Will you provide a discount to those who attend an event? Are there any well-known figures in your industry that you can invite to the event to entice more visitors?

For some, setting up their own event won’t make sense. Instead, you can research upcoming conventions and big events where your product might appeal to the audience. Apply to have a sales booth or informational table at that event, and then you can show off your product to those who have a great chance of being interested in it.

The idea of both attending and hosting an event is to get the product that you have worked so hard on into the hands of people who might love it. Not only will this spread the popularity of your product, but it will also give you a boost of pride and satisfaction as you sell the product.

#2: Subscription List and E-mail Marketing

When you’re researching how to market your product, one of the options that are sure to show up is to use emails to your advantage. While nobody likes to receive spam emails, many people do enjoy getting informational emails, newsletters, new product introductions, and other emails that might get sent out to them. By using an email marketing service like MailChimp, you can set up just that for the launch of your new product!

First, you will want to set up a subscription list. This list should be for those who either express interest in the product that you are marketing or in your brand in general. Additionally, you might be able to create another list based on users registered to your website as members.

Once you have a list set up, it will be time to start putting together your marketing emails. The emails can be written in many ways. You can choose to write to your readers and sell them your product, or you can set up a launch story email that introduces them to your product and how you believe that it could better their lives.

Ultimately, you’ll need to make the final choice about how to write these emails. Try to lay out a plan in advance. You may even want to use a series of emails to raise more hype about the product!


#3: Gift Guides, Bloggers, and Other Press Opportunities

If you want people to buy your product, they need to learn about your product. You can make this happen by getting your name into the press in as many unique yet authentic ways as possible.

Many companies put together gift guides for major holidays, while bloggers write about products that they use and love. By sending out your products for free to journalists, bloggers, influencers, and companies that create this type of content, you have a chance of getting a favorable review.

You can set up terms with these people before you send anything out to ensure that you’ll get a review, but it’s better to send out the product with no strings attached if possible. By doing this, you’re more likely to get an authentic review that will show off what people really think about your product. Be confident in what you’ve created, and you’ll learn how to market a product properly in no time!

Your Product Is Worth Marketing

You’ve surely already invested a lot of time into designing and producing your product; now, it is time to learn how to market a product like yours successfully!

It doesn’t have to be hard to get your product sold to those who would most benefit from it. By using targeted tactics and focusing on effective marketing arenas, you’ll find that your product begins selling in no time. While those three methods are our recommended marketing methods, they are not the only techniques.

Focus on your product and who it needs to be shown to. Then, make your marketing techniques become the line that connects the two!

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