How To Send A Campaign In Mailchimp

How To Send A Campaign In Mailchimp

Email campaigns using Mailchimp are very easy to create and to send, but of course, you still need to know how to do this. So, how to send a campaign in Mailchimp is what we are going to teach you right now. 

Creating The Campaign

The first thing that you need to do here is to get started with creating the Mailchimp email campaign. When you are on the Mailchimp website, you need to navigate to the campaigns page of the website.

Here you will click on the “create campaign” link, which will get you started. You then want to select the “email campaign” option, as there is more than one type of campaign to go with.

Creating The Campaign

Be sure to select the email option. There is then a tab called “regular.” You want to select this as you are creating a regular email campaign, and then just hit the “begin” button. Now that you have completed these steps, you will be taken to the actual campaign builder for the meat and potatoes of your email campaign. 

Setting Up & Designing

The cool thing about the Mailchimp campaign builder is that it tells you exactly what you need to do to build the campaign. Here there are four main things that need to be done before you can send your campaign through the email. This includes adding the recipients, adding your own name and email address, adding the subject line, and designing the email in general in the content section.

Keep in mind that another cool part of Mailchimp is that you can work on these four sections in any order you see fit. It is also pretty convenient because as you complete each of these four steps which we outlined above, you will see a green checkmark appear to inform you of completion. Let’s go over each of these four tasks right now.

  1. Adding The Recipients – Ok, so the first thing that you need to do here is to add the recipients, or in other words, the people to be receiving the email. Go to the ‘’To’’ section, and click on the “add recipients” button. There will be a list drop down menu, where you will choose the list of recipients to send to. On a side note, yes, you should have already created a list of recipients to send to.

You can then choose the specific segment from your mailing list for this specific email. You can choose all of your subscribers or just a specific segment, too. If you choose, you can then select the specific name of the recipient, instead of just their email address. This helps make things a little more personal and helps avoid your email ending up in the spam folder. Now save this.

  1. Adding Your From Name & From Email Address – Now go to the ‘’From’’ section in your email campaign. Here you want to click on “add from”, and enter your own name and email address. Here you might be asked to verify the domain in your email address. Now save this as well.
  2. Adding The Subject – Now it is time for you to add the subject line, and even preview the text as well. Adding a good subject line is very important because this is one of the first things that recipients will see. You need to have a great subject line if you want people to so much as click on your email and open it up. In the ‘’Subject’’ section, click on “add subject”, and in the subject field, add the subject line for your email. Here you can use the preview text field, add preview text, next to the subject line. Keep in mind that the limit for this preview text is 150 characters. Don’t forget to click on the save button once you have done this.
  3. Designing The Email – The last step to complete these four main components of your campaign email is to design the email itself. Here you want to go to the ‘’Content’’ section in the campaign builder. Click on the “design email” button. Now you can choose a template, or in other words, what you want the email itself to look like. Here you can choose from layouts, themes, saved ones, campaigns, and you can even code your own. Use all of these features in order to edit and customize the content in the email. 
Tracking & Settings

Tracking & Settings

Yes, you can track the campaigns in your email according to various factors. Here you want to go to the settings and tracking section, and click on the edit button. Now you can scroll down the list and select the tracking options which you would like to enable. Once again, do not forget to save the settings you choose here. 

Send The Campaign

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you should see those green checkmarks we talked about earlier. Once all sections are green you can then choose a schedule for this email to be sent at, or you can just send it right away. 


Yes, you will want to track progress and optimize the emails based on the results you see here, but other than that, sending a campaign in Mailchimp is very easy.

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