How to Write a Marketing Email

How to Write a Marketing Email

When it comes to writing a good marketing email, there is no one solution to creating the perfect copy.

There is actually a multitude of solutions to help you create that amazing email. 

Here, we take a look at some of the things which you can do to be at the top of your marketing game.

The Subject Line

If you want someone to take notice of your marketing email, you need to nail the subject line. Think about how your recipient will benefit from your email and try to convey that benefit in the subject line.

The Subject Line

The Preview Text 

This matters as much as the subject line. When you recipient gets their email, they will usually see the subject line and part of the first line of the body text. Can you add to the subject by having a killer first line?

Know Your Medium

You are writing web copy. In the online world, the copy you write is different from physical copy. Keep your ideas brief and your paragraphs short. Using one- or two-sentence paragraphs will keep your readers interested. Using bullet points will get your idea across in a short period of time.


You may think that you are delivering EXCITEMENT! In actual fact, you are probably coming across like you are shouting at your users. Avoid using caps and exclamation points anywhere the email, especially in the subject line.

Know Your Audience

Who are you writing to? Who is your target audience? When you are writing your copy, think about having a conversation with that person or group. Does your email sound like this? You want to sound like a real person. Practice reading out the email and see if it sounds natural.

Choose Your Words

Your word choice is critical. You do not have a lot of time to get your ideas across to the readers and get their attention. Think about how you can stir their imaginations and appeal to their emotions. Use power words, analogies, and sensory words but always remember never to promise your user something which you cannot deliver.


Don’t use reverse psychology. Or should you? Well, probably not, but there are some aspects of psychology which you can use to appeal to your readers.

People hate the fear of missing out. A limited time offer is more appealing than a regular one. Pictures of real people and stories from real people can appeal to user emotions. Personalization can make people feel as if they are special.


It should be a no brainer that your email should be relevant. Think about the person or group you are targeting. What is relevant to them? How do you make the email relevant to as many people at the same time?

Your Goals

Your Goals

What is the goal of your email? Think about the sole goal of your email and plan your copy based around that. If you can convey that goal in the subject line, then all the better. What is the key action that you want the reader to take? That is what you want to base the email around.

Be Personal

If you are sending your email to an individual, then add their name if you know it. Personalize the email to that specific person. Get the person or groups attention. What do they want? Can you give that to them?

Be Friendly

You are starting a relationship with your users; let them get to know you through your email. Think about the email address and from line that the email contains. Does this help the reader get to know who they are dealing with? By reading the email, does the reader get to know you a little more?

Follow Through

Your goal is conveyed through your subject line; does your email follow through? By the end of the email, have you followed through on any initial promises?


Why should the user continue with you? After opening the initial email, your users should be rewarded; this will engage the user and demand their attention. What do they see when they open the email? What are they rewarded with? What benefits do they get? This often includes a welcome offer, stats to back up your claims, or a free gift.


As you run your marketing campaigns, use software to get data about the campaign. Who is opening your emails? What copy works best? Can you divide your campaign and write different copy for different groups? What is working and what is not working?

Use and Reuse

Are you looking for the one great original idea? Well, it is not out there. 99.99% of email marketers are using the ideas of someone else. Look at what is working and do not be afraid to steal those ideas. You are not looking to steal someone else’s copy, offers, or specific products, but you can reuse their ideas.

Subscribe to other people’s emails lists and see what they offer you and how they do it. Take those ideas and add your own personal-touch branding to it. Combine that with the ideas above, and you are going to have an amazing marketing email.

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