Niches for Riches: Our New Niche Email Marketing Templates

Jason here.
So, this blog post announcement is a big one. I know I don’t write a lot of posts…yet…but I wanted to get this information out and keep you up to date on where we are with some projects at Follow Up Fuel.


Finally Niche Based Content
A lot of our early customers have been asking for “niche” focused email templates. Instead of the general email templates that can be modified, people would prefer to have something that addresses their specific marketing concerns or addresses their customers in a specific way.

As many email marketers know, there is a MAJOR difference between how you would talk to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and your average suburban mom who is looking for the best deal for getting her house painted.

Sometimes, there can be a significant amount of modification that needs to be done to the templates and that defeats the purpose of our tool.

Specific email marketing templates in a niche can really help you to engage your customers at their level with specific needs or language they are receptive to.


How Are We Going To Do It
Because Follow-Up Fuel is still a new product, we want to work directly with our customers to help build and develop tools and resources that will benefit you. Therefore, to create our niche focused email marketing templates, we want to give you a chance to be part of the process.

For each niche, we are wanting to hear from you to develop the templates for Follow-Up Fuel that will address your niche needs.


Here’s Your BIG Chance to Have It Your Way!
Starting this month, we will be reaching out to people in different niche’s and allowing you the opportunity to meet with our expert copywriter to identify the templates that you want and how you can get them catered towards your specific audience.

Each month will focus on one to two different niches.


In April, we will be starting with the niche of Online/Digital Marketing Consultants
If you are on online marketing consultant and would like help building out your needs, please go ahead and sign up to meet with a copywriter. Once scheduled, the copywriter will have 15-30 minutes to talk to you about your needs.

Once collected, we will create the new email templates and provide a webinar for all people in a specific niche to see the updates and how these new email templates will assist you.


We will be limiting these conversations to about 20 slots. So sign up quickly.

Not A Customer? You Can Still Develop Follow Up Fuel for Your Needs!

As an added bonus, these conversations are open to both customers and non-customers of Follow Up Fuel. If you are not yet a Follow-Up Fuel customer, but help contribute to developing these niche email templates, we will go ahead and offer you a discount. 

It’s our way of saying thank you while allowing people access to see how Follow Up Fuel can benefit them.

Please feel free to share the email link with any friends or business acquaintances in the same niche with who you may think they can benefit from Follow-Up Fuel, or can help us create more focused email marketing templates.

Other Niches
Finally, we need to know what other niches are using Follow Up Fuel and who is part of those niches so we can get you scheduled for an analysis phone call and eventually get your niche templates online.


Once we collect the niches, we will send out emails and schedule calls based on demand.

This may take us a while, but with each new niche, we will continue to add more content that will make Follow-Up Fuel an integral resource in your email marketing needs.

Thanks so much, and keep an eye on your email!


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