The Dos and Don’ts of Sending a Blanket Email

The Dos and Don’ts of Sending a Blanket Email

Every new technological advancement always brings a hoard of new buzz words. The term “blanket email” is no different. This term refers to a useful tool that is unfortunately often used incorrectly. But what is a blanket email and when should you use one?

What is a Blanket Email?

Simply put, a blanket email refers to sending the same email to more than one contact. This is often used in marketing to share information about a particular product to a wide audience. It also applies when you forward a funny email to a bunch of your co-workers. Often it can be used within a company to pass on an important message to all of the staff.

It’s not clear when the term came into existence but it’s most likely related to the concept of “blanket mailing.” This refers to any mail that a post office sends out to every registered address in the area.

Unfortunately, many people use blanket emails too excessively and in situations where they’re unwarranted. This has led to a growth in spam, which now accounts for 47% of all emails sent. Because of this, people have begun to distrust blanket emails.

This doesn’t mean blanket emails are ineffective. When used correctly they can still be a fantastic marketing technique and they can help you reach more people.

When Should You Send a Blanket Email

When Should You Send a Blanket Email?

When you have permission

Nowadays consent is everything and sending emails in bulk without permission could actually result in turning people away from your product. This is why many companies ask for permission to add you to their mailing list. They also give you an option to unsubscribe when you no longer want to receive emails from them.

If you have permission it means people are actually interested in your product. They’re more likely to be the invested in the information the email contains and will actually purchase whatever you’re advertising. This is especially popular among authors who know the people reading the email will be interested in tour dates and new releases.

When you have relevant information

If you own a company and you need to share important information with your staff, it will be tedious to send every employee an individual email. As a result, a blanket email makes more sense. When considering personal use, it may be simpler to send a ‘save the date’ or birthday invite in a bulk message.

It’s not okay to send an email advertising adventure equipment and include an entire section about cleaning detergents. If you’re sending a blanket email, make sure the information is relevant to your target group. When you send unnecessary information, your audience could lose interest which will detract from the message you’re actually trying to send.

When Should You Not Send a Blanket Email?

When your message should be personal

Blanket emails are not a way to take shortcuts. If the information in the email should be personalized it’s better to send individual messages. This applies in circumstances such as writing a cover letter for a job or sending a staff review. It could be detrimental if it comes out that you just copy and pasted information.

When you suspect it’s spam

When one of your friends sends you a blanket email that looks like it could be spam, don’t forward it. Falling for such scams could not only affect your personal information but could impact everyone on your mailing list. You won’t be very popular if you’re responsible for any financial loss your emailing list suffers.

When it could hurt someone

Unless you’re an employer discussing an employee’s behavior with the rest of your board, don’t send information that makes someone look bad to a group of people. Everything on the internet stays on the internet. This means it’s very easy for someone to share that information via the subject of the email. It’s poor etiquette and it’s best to avoid it.

Tips for Constructing a Blanket Email

Tips for Constructing a Blanket Email

Sending a blanket email is really easy. The difficult part is making sure the information is worthwhile, so here are a few tips on what to look out for:

Keep your information focused and on point

This will ensure the message is relevant and will reach the right audience.

Attach links of your emailing list to articles relevant to your product or on your Facebook page

This will allow you to get the right permissions and will also create interest around what you’re selling or sharing.

Make sure your email is well written

Nothing will lose interest faster than a poorly written email. If your information is exciting and grammatically correct, it will show you put effort into the email and that your information is worth reading.


A blanket email can be a useful tool for sharing information or marketing your product. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your email is well constructed and relevant. If you want people to be interested, you need to give them reasons to be enthusiastic about your information. It’s really easy – all you have to do is stick to the right etiquette.

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