The Importance of Email Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing

More emails are considered business email than any other type of email. When you are setting up your email marketing campaign, it is important to know how much competition is out there. It is also important to know how many possibilities out there.

Billions of people read emails every day. Your potential user base is huge. The competition is also huge. Email marketing is something which is vital to your business so you should not hold back when you are planning your campaign.

Still not convinced? We look at some of the reasons why email marketing is so important for you.


When we look at marketing campaigns, we think a lot about social media. More people and businesses are leaning in that direction. Should you switch your email campaign for a social media one?


Social media is very effective and should form a part of your campaign, but email marketing still leads the way. When we think about email vs. social media, you can think about it as conversion vs. engagement.

Social media is where you will engage with your users, but email is where you will grab the conversions. When it comes to interacting with a large number of people, email is the best way to do that.


Think about how you are appealing to your users. How are you grabbing their attention? Facebook ads or TV ads are a great way to grab attention, but they can cost a lot of money. What is the best way to reach a large number of people with minimal cost?

The answer, of course, is email. When you look at return on investment, email clearly leads the way. With an email or email campaign, you can get your information to your user and then follow up with more information at no extra cost.


With email marketing, you are targeting specific people and groups in a way in which you cannot do through social media or TV advertising. You are taking your audience and segmenting them into lists. You are then sending tailored information to each of those lists. When you provide your user with something of value, something which is personalized to them, you are going to end up with more engagement and interaction.

Addressing through social media channels means addressing everyone at the same time. Using email can allow for personalization such as names and other information. What are you more likely to respond to? You also address the person at a time which is convenient for them. Seeing a post on social media can be read and forgotten. An attention-grabbing email can be read when the person has the time to do so.


When we look at emails, it is already the start of a conversation. Email has been used for years and it is instinct to think about clicking on a link, replying, or responding. When you see a post on social media, the initial thought is not to reply or share it. It is often read and forgotten. With an email, the content sits there and demands attention.

Emails generate a lot more interaction than a social media post or ad would. Within that, a transactional email will give you eight times more open and clicks than a regular email would. This, in turn, generates you six times more revenue than other types of email. A great return for minimal investment.



When you use marketing software, the guesswork is taken out of your marketing campaign. With email marketing software, you get regular reports. These reports track who opened your emails, which links were clicked, and the number of un-subscribers.

When you have this information, you can better tailor your campaign in a way which you would not get with social media or TV and radio advertising. The detailed reports allow you to make slight changes to your emails, their frequency, and the target audience.

You can see how your subject lines are working. What questions do people better respond to? What body content was better at gaining conversions? You can find out all of this with marketing software.


With the world becoming so mobile, it has never been easier to plan an email marketing campaign. There are small times in everyone’s day where they are waiting for something to happen. This could be waiting for a bus or waiting for an appointment. This is a perfect time for someone to check their email and become engaged.

People use their smartphones to check their email on a regular basis. If you are not taking advantage of that, then you are not going to have an effective campaign.


With the emergence of social media, media platforms, and social media interaction, it is no wonder that email is often overlooked. The truth is that more people use their mobile devices to check their email than they do to check their social media.

It has never been a better time to create an email marketing campaign. The best part is that it is almost free to create one (it only requires some of your time) and the return on investment is better than any other type of campaign.

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