What is a Drip Campaign?

What is a Drip Campaign

If you need to engage in marketing for your company, whether you provide products for sale or services to users, people need to know about them. There is a lot more to marketing than you might think.

Letting people know who you are when you first come out is a big deal, but you still need to remind people of your presence on a regular basis.

A drip campaign lets you keep contacting customers through the easy means of email; it reminds people that you are still there, and it alerts people to new promotions, products, and services.

Drip campaigns increase click-and-sales rates, but what are they and how do they work?

What is a Drip Campaign

What is a Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign consists of a set of automated emails which are sent to customers, potential customers, and viewers of your site based on a specific timeline or user actions. For instance, you can have emails be sent out once every 2 weeks with your newest promotions and products that you are pushing. This would be a time-based drip campaign. However, you can also set the emails to be sent out based on user actions.

For instance, if a user purchases a piece of technology from your online store, you might have a set of emails ready to go which are targeted at technology consumers. This is a great way to stay in contact with customers and potential customers so they always remember to come to you first. It’s also a really easy way to promote products and services based on the likes, needs, and habits, and preferences of the recipients.

The big upside to these drip campaigns is that the emails are all ready to go before they need to be sent out, or at least they should be. In theory, you should write and create all emails in your drip campaign before the campaign gets under way. This way, all possible emails are ready to go at a moment’s notice. You should have all time-based emails in the campaign ready, as well as the specialized ones, such as the technology customer email example which we discussed just above.

So, in essence, a drip campaign is an email campaign for sales and promotional purposes which sends the right emails, with the right info, to the right people, at the right times, in order to maximize website viewership and traffic, to optimize leads and clicks, and ultimately to get more sales.

Why Use a Drip Campaign? 

There are various reasons why you might want to use a drip campaign for any business, marketing, or sales efforts – they can indeed be very useful. Let’s talk about why you should use a drip campaign and what the benefits of them are.

Precise Segmentation and Target Audience

Using drip campaigns allows you to accurately target customers, potential customers, and segments of the market which will provide you with the highest chances for leads, clicks, turnarounds, and sales. Instead of sending the very same email to all customers on your emailing list, you can send specifically targeted emails to specific members. This allows you to reach the right people at the right times.

For instance, if you notice that there is a customer who is always buying audio equipment and music listening devices, your drip campaign would send them an email with the latest technology and audio-related deals and promotions. It’s all about finding the right time to send the right people the right advertisements.

They Make People Remember You

They Make People Remember You

Another big part of drip campaigns is that they ensure that you or your business remains at the forefront of people’s minds. Realistically, when it comes to consumerism, people are like goldfish in the sense that attention spans are limited. If you don’t remind people that your business is still alive and kicking, they will probably forget about you.

An email drip campaign allows you to stay new, relevant, and on top of the list of the first and best options which consumers will turn to for goods and services.

More Contact With Less Effort

The other reason why using a drip campaign is very useful is because it requires a minimal amount of effort on your end to reach customers. Instead of creating singular emails for every customer, you have a list of emails geared towards a specific group of customers or potential customers.

Furthermore, this system can be highly automated, so the emails with new promotions and such get sent out on their own. You should monitor specific email sets and test their results. It’s highly automated and therefore takes the load off of you. These campaigns can also identify unresponsive customers and recipients, thus weeding them out so you aren’t wasting time with people who are clearly uninterested.


If you need to engage in fast, easy, and highly automated marketing to reach the right people at the right times, a drip campaign is something you should look into launching.

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