What is an eNewsletter and Why You Should Have One

What is an eNewsletter and Why You Should Have One

Technological advancements mean that people have more access to the rest of the world. No longer are advertisements restricted to your immediate area or even your country.

If you can reach more people it means you have a better chance of success in your business. All you need is the right marketing.

eNewsletters are a fantastic way to reach a wide audience for almost no cost. Because they’re electronic, your audience can span the world. But what are ENewsletter and why should you use this method?

What is an eNewsletter?

An eNewsletter is a type of blanket email that is specifically used to periodically share information with a particular group of people. It’s often used as a form of marketing to reach an audience who would be the most interested in what you have to offer.

eNewsletters aren’t simply meant for advertising purposes. They’re supposed to be informational so you can create a following for your business or community. This is done by garnering interest around what you’re doing and why it’s so important.

What is an eNewsletter

The reason that they’re so effective is that emailing is one of the most popular forms of communication. Millions of people email each other on a daily basis in the US alone. The result is that your audience is more likely to see the information you’re sharing than if you handed out paper newsletters or pamphlets.

This is particularly great for the environment. Less paper means fewer trees are cut down.

Who Uses eNewsletters?

eNewsletters are not only meant for marketing. The following groups can also benefit from this form of communication:


They can use eNewsletters to share information about fundraisers, community events or even successes.


It makes it easier to share the date and time of the next meeting as well as information from previous meetings that members may have missed.

Religious organizations

Useful in providing notices about outreach programs and other useful activities.

Advantages of eNewsletters

Grow an online community

Often eNewsletters require subscribers. As a result, you can actually see the level of interest your information is gaining. Nothing grows your confidence better than seeing the numbers add up. If subscribers lose interest, they will remove themselves from your subscription list. This will give you an idea if there’s anything you need to change about how you’re marketing your product.

Reach your target audience

Because people are actually choosing to follow your subscription list, you know that you’re reaching an audience who will really be interested in what you have to offer. This means you will be more likely to experience success as these are the communities that will buy your product or attend events that you’re hosting.

Increase your sales

Constant engagement with potential customers has been proven to increase your sales. By sending out regular ENewsletters you’re reminding your customers that you exist. You’re also advertising new products that your regular customers might not have been aware of. This means you’re guaranteed sales every time a new email goes out which will ultimately increase your revenue.

Saves on costs

Saves on costs

Printed advertisements and newsletters can cost a lot of money when it comes to buying ink and paper. Paying someone else to print them for you could land up costing even more. Sending an eNewsletter costs next to nothing. If you design and write the email yourself, you won’t have to pay a cent.

Helps build a reputation

Once your eNewsletter gains a following you will be associated with quality. This means more people will be invested in your brand and will be more likely to share your information with others. Developing a small, loyal community is a fantastic way to get more support. Eventually you’ll build up an irrefutable reputation.

Increase your web traffic

Including your website information in your eNewsletter will convince more people to browse your webpage. If they find your newsletter on social media or because you’ve advertised it, this will help draw them to your older products, blogs or even artworks. The result is that you’ll be getting a constant stream of attention.

Allows for customer feedback

If your customers are no longer satisfied with what you have to offer, eNewsletters give them a platform for suggestions. This will assist you in accommodating your target market and developing more marketable products. It will also give you ideas on what to include in future newsletters and can even help grow your social media following.

Community advertising

Advertising someone else’s products in your newsletter means they’re more likely to include your merchandise in their emails. This introduces your work to people within your target market who may not have been aware of it before.


Technology has improved marketing on a global level. Everything now relies on internet traffic and social media. Simple pamphlets aren’t enough to create a following.

If you want to reach a wide audience, this article has given you every reason why you should consider an eNewsletter. It’s easy, cost effective and guaranteed to increase your target audience. Are you ready to connect your products with the rest of the world?

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